Lectures on Modern Scientific Computing - 2022

November 14-15.

  • Recommended to those, who:

    • would like to understand the basics of quantum computing and algorithms
    • would like to understand the basics of FPGA-based programming
    • would like to understand the basics of Machine Learning and Quantum Machine Learning
  • The lectures may be of interest to those

    • who want to get acquainted with alternative computing ideas
    • who want to prepare for the latest developments
    • whose problems cannot be solved by the usual methods


The Wigner Scientific Computing Laboratory is organizing two-day-long series of lectures on Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, and Quantum Machine Learning in 2022 November 14-15 for those interested ones. The lectures are highly recommended to those who haven't got the chance to learn the basics of these topics and their fields of usage. Invited performers will present these.

The lectures will be held in English

Participation is free for students, teachers, researchers, and partners of the WSC Laboratory, but a registration is required.
The registration is available: HERE!.

An ID or passport is required to enter!

If you need assistance: please ask us!

Location: KFKI Telephely, Wigner FK (1121 Budapest, Konkoly-Thege Miklós út 29-33.),
3. building, 2. floor, Meeting Room