Accelerating Quantum Computer Simulators with GPUs

Zoltán Zimborás, Dániel Nagy, András Németh, Gábor Németh (2020.05.22-2020.12.31)

Wigner Research Cetnre for Physics, Eötvös University Faculty of Science and Faculty of Informatics,Ericsson Research

Abstract: In recent years, both experimental quantum computers and quantum algorithms have been significantly improved. The advantage of quantum over classical computation is that if multiple qubits get entangled, the dimensionality of the Hilbert-space increases exponentially, and thus a quantum computer might be exponentially faster at solving certain problems than a classical one. Apart from this, the laws of quantum mechanics enable such computations and communication protocols, that are totally infeasible using classical computers. However, experimental quantum computers accessible at the moment contain only a few dozens of qubits, and those are quite noisy as well. Hence, when developing quantum algorithms, it is indispensable to use high performance classical computers to simulate these quantum algorithms in a reasonable time for a reasonable cost. Furthermore, an important research area is the investigation of hybrid quantum-classical algorithms, where the use of modern GPUs is necessary along with the quantum processors.

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