Generation of Gravitational Wave Signals with Parallel methods

Balázs Kacskovics (2016.09.01 - 21.05.31)
Supervisor: Mátyás Vasúth

Wigner Research Centre for Physics

Publication:The orbital evolution and gravitational waves of OJ 287 in the 4th post-Newtonian order

Abstract: Although gravitational waves have been detected in 2016 with GW150914, but there are still many exotic cases to discover, e.g. binaries with Zoom-Whirl orbits, Super Massive Black Holes, etc. To examine such cases the Wigner RCP Gravitational group developed a software called CBwaves , that we would like to upgrade with the fourth terms of the post-Newtonian formalism and with its Hamiltonian formalism. Also we would like to enchance the runime of our code using parallelism.

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