Eötvös balance camera photo evaluation

Dávid Ernő, Ván Péter, Fenyvesi Edit (Wigner RCP); Tóth Gyula (BME); Szondy György (Creasis Ltd.) (2021.02.01-2021.03.31)

Abstract: In the recently modernized Eötvös balance measurements the readout of the torsion wire angle position is a camera photo. The position is determined by reading the scale numbers and the centre of the picture with Fourier transformation enhanced computation methods. Then we can achieve a precision under the hundredth of the scale units. During a normal registration period, there are two photos per second and sometimes recalculations of longer periods are necessary. Our purpose of using the computational capacity of the Wigner GPU lab is to perform these long computations. Now we would like to elaborate on a monthlong registration period that could take several weeks in our normal computers. Later on, we would like to use the calculation capacity in case of necessity.

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