Direkt időfüggésű Monte-Carlo szimuláció atomreaktorok kemény tranzienseinek vizsgálatára

Légrády Dávid, Tolnai Gábor, Hajas Tamás, Pázmán Előd (2021.06.01 - 2022.04.30)
BME Nukleáris Technikai Intézet

Publikáció: Full Core Pin-Level VVER-440 Simulation of a Rod Drop Experiment with the GPU-Based Monte Carlo Code GUARDYAN

Kivonat: The GUARDYAN (GPU Assisted Reactor Dynamic Analysis, developed at BME Institute of Nuclear Techniques) Monte Carlo code directly follows the time evolution of the neutron field in a nuclear reactor. Contrary to the conventionally applied deterministic (i.e. non-Monte Carlo) or Monte-Carlo based techniques relying on quasistatic approximations modelling errors are minimal for GUARDYAN. For a fast evolving („hard”), localized transients even the magnitude of the modelling errors posed by conventional techniques can hardly be estimated, and experimental confirmation due to nuclear hazards is out of question. Therefore, simulations with GUARDYAN could be set as a gold standard for other computational methods. The project aims at the simulation of a rod ejection transient in a full-scale currently operational nuclear power plant type (VVER-440) using the code GUARDYAN.

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