CompilersOverview of the Internals of Modern Compilers, Optimizations and Intrinsics
Modern HardwareOverview of Modern Microprocessors and Instruction Sets
Programming LanguagesOverview of Programming Languages and Paradigms
Integrated Development EnvironmentsBuild Systems (CMAKE, Ninja), Version Control (Git), IDEs (Visual Studio)
FortranExperiences of Migrating Code from Fortran to C++
C++ IntroductionThe C++ Language and the Standard Library by Selected Examples
C++ TemplatesIntroduction to Template Metaprogramming in C++
C++ N-body simulationOptimization Study of the N-body Simulation
C++ OutlookOutlook to the Future of C++ and Some Useful Libraries
Introduction to GPU programmingGPU Hardware, APIs, Detailed OpenCL Example
Introduction to the Theoretical Foundations of Modern ProgrammingOverview of Lambda Calculus, Type Theory and Category Theory
Introduction to Functional Programming ConceptsFunctors, Monads, Folds/Unfolds, Recursion Schemes
Hardware for End UsersCompanies, Products, General Considerations
Development Environments and ToolsPowershell, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Chocolate, CMAKE, Visual Studio Code
Gentle Introduction to C++Introduction to C++ for people with C background
Algorithms in C++Examples of Uses of C++ Algorithms
Parallelism in C++Overview and Example Usage of C++ Parallel Programming Constructs
OptimizationOverview of Simple Optimization Considerations in C++
VisualizationOverview of Graphics Concepts, Rendering and Libraries (Cairo and OpenGL)/td>
Introduction to python I.Python Language and Basics
Introduction to python II.Introduction to Numpy, Matplotlib and Numba
General Purpose GPU ProgrammingOverview of GPU APIs
The SYCL Standard and the ComputeCpp ImplementationOverview of the SYCL Standard and its Programming Concepts