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Sztakovics János (2016.03.01. - 2016.08.31.)
Témavezetők: Forgács-Dajka Emese, Borkovits Tamás

Publikáció: A search for tight hierarchical triple systems amongst the eclipsing binaries in the CoRoT fields

Abstract: About 50 % of stars are part of binary, or multiple systems. Investigations of components of these systems allows us to determine some physical parameters of them. By observing eclipsing binaries we can calculate these parameters in more details besides others. Analyzing and modelling lightcurves of eclipsing binaries are important to get clearer picture of the individual systems (components, orbits, etc.). To define eccentricities and arguments of periastron we should measure the duration of eclipses, and the relative position of secondary minimum due to the primary minimum in phase. I would like to process the huge amount of data of the space missions with fast and precise algorithms. The goal is to further develop the single-thread program to C and CUDA languages to measure the durations of eclipses and determine the relative positions of the minima in phase.

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