Just like last year, the Wigner GPU Lab organizes a three day seminar series on modern scientific programming. The main topics this time revolve around CPU parallelism in C++, usage of algorithms, GPU programming with the new SYCL / ComputeCpp API and introduction to the Python language.

Again, a special session will be dedicated to newcomers to C++.

The lectures will be held between 14-16. November 2016.

For further details and registration, continue reading here.


CODEPLAY released "ComputeCpp" the first GPU accelerated implementation of SYCL, the high-level parallel standard created by Khronos.

The compiler is still in beta and only released for linux, but it makes possible to generate host and device code from singe source C++11 utilizing massively parallel and hierarchically parallel constructs.

The OpenCL 1.2 based technology runs on AMD and Intel devices at the moment, and provides acceleration support for the Eigen linear algebra, the VisionCpp machine vision and the C++17 parallel STL libraries.

The compiler will be available for windows soon, and will be available for commercial and non-commercial users. As a next step, it will build upon OpenCL 2.2 and will support the now provisional SYCL 2.2 specification in an upcoming version.

The compiler is available after registration from the webpage of CODEPLAY.

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