Xeon Phi (KNC) Workshop

NIIF Programme is announcing Xeon Phi (Knights Corner) Workshop, sponsored by Intel and HPE. This workshop is held by Bayncore, expert trainers of HPC Technologies.

This hands-on experience will introduce the audience into Tools and Techniques programming Xeon Phis in HPC environment, allowing attendees to try those out during the time of the Workshop.

Make sure to bring your notebook with your favourite ssh client installed, and a public/private keypair generated, if not having accounts on our servers. We can help you generating and installing keys onsite, if you arrive at 8:30.

This event has a really high value, and is exepctional of its kind in the region. Consume less core hours on NIIF HPCs by utilizing Xeon Phis by just using simple tools and simple programming techniques. Gain experience of using one of the trending technologies, and became an expert of using Phis to boost computations on your scientific field.

The event is free to attend thanks to our sponsors.

Details and registration:


Meet You There!

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